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Legends & Lanterns Auditions


The Greater Saint Charles Convention & Visitors Bureau is seeking engaging, diverse, and dynamic performers to bring to life some of the most iconic figures in Halloween folklore and literature during the 2020 season of the Legends & Lanterns festival along historic Main Street.

Auditions: By appointment Wednesday, June 10th and Sunday, June 14th.

Audition Location: St. Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau (lower level) 230 South Main St. Saint Charles, MO 63301

Performance Dates: Individuals auditioning MUST be available for ALL performance dates

  • Friday, October 9th (Evening)
  • Saturday, October 10th (11:00AM - 6:00PM)
  • Sunday, October 11th (NOON - 5:00PM)
  • Saturday, October 17th (11:00AM - 6:00PM)
  • Sunday, October 18th (NOON - 5:00PM)
  • Friday, October 23rd (5:00PM - 8:00PM)
  • Saturday, October 24th (11:00AM - 8:00PM)
  • Sunday, October 25th (NOON - 5:00PM)

Rehearsal Dates: July 25, September 26, October 3

Compensation: All positions start at the rate of $11.19 an hour for rehearsals and performances.

Role Description: Legends & Lanterns brings to life some of the most iconic and infamous villains, witches, and phantoms from history and folklore. They have decided to make Main Street their new favorite “haunt”…but don’t worry, these silly apparitions have more treats to offer than tricks, and they look forward to entertaining “little monsters” of all ages. These roles will require an outgoing personality and the ability to engage with thousands of guests of all ages “in character” without a script. These positions will require long periods of standing outdoors.

To schedule an Audition Appointment, click HERE

We look forward to seeing you at auditions! For any questions, e-mail Festival Director Ryan Cooper


What to prepare for your Audition:


For your audition choose 2 (two) of the characters listed below and prepare a 1-minute interactive performance as each. Present each of your chosen characters’ personalities in a unique, engaging, and entertaining way. Show us what you would bring to the role. Be creative!

Learn the appropriate vocal parts for the roles you are auditioning for (audition music can be found HERE). **Remember that our singers must ALSO be strong interactive character performers. Read the descriptions of the vocalist roles that are available and be able to inhabit the physicality and personality of that character. Please prepare a brief introduction of your character(s) for your audition.

A full list of conflicts from July-October. A current resume and headshot are encouraged but not required. 



MARTIAN AMBASSADOR(S): NEW FOR 2020. (This role may be cast as male or female. More than one role may be available) Inspired by 1950s b-movies, the Martian Ambassadors are a retro, quirky, midcentury depiction of visitors from the Red Planet. A comedic hodge-podge of extraterrestrial tropes that seems like a combination of Galaxy Quest, Mars Attacks and Plan 9 From Outer Space, hijinks will ensue in their search for intelligent life as they probe and experience the pastimes of Earthlings. But fear not, they come in peace…or do they?

THE SIREN: NEW FOR 2020. Wicked and full of mischief, sirens have been part of seafaring mythology almost as long as mankind has taken to the water. Unlike merfolk (who generally are considered harmless), sirens are deadly temptresses who often lure sailors towards rocky shores via their hypnotic singing, causing the sailors to crash into the rocks and meet a watery demise. **This performer should be comfortable being seated for long periods of time in a full mermaid tail that will limit mobility**

ANNE BONNY: (1697-1782) NEW FOR 2020. Perhaps the most famous female pirate in history, this Irish buccaneer operated out of the Caribbean, where she was pirate partners with the knavish Captain Calico Jack Rackham. She was captured in October of 1720 and sentenced to hang. She was spared execution due to being pregnant. She lived out the rest of her life in Charles Towne, South Carolina. Irish accent.

BLACKBEARD: (1680s-1718) The terror of the seven seas, Blackbeard (born Edward Teach) established his legacy during the golden age of piracy. He got his nickname from his iconic facial hair (in which he would sometimes place lit cannon fuses in order to bathe his face in a devilish glow). He met his fate in an ambush off the coast of North Carolina (where legend has it that his ghost still wanders to this day).

IMHOTEP (27th Century BCE): Watch out, St. Charles! There’s a new “wrap star” in town. Awaken from beneath the sands of Ancient Egypt, the mummy Imhotep wanders the earth seeking to expand the great power he had in life where he was a chancellor to pharaohs, an architect, a high priest of the sun god Ra, and a magician.  Armed with an enchanted canopic jar, and the power to unleash the 10 plagues, Imhotep will gladly halt his quest for world domination to chat about the latest mummification techniques or share stories of his friends Osiris (Egyptian god of the underworld) and Anubis (guardian of the dead). The legend of Imhotep inspired several Hollywood interpretations (from Boris Karloff’s portrayal in 1932 to the popular The Mummy franchise in the late 1990s). Do you believe in the “mummy’s curse?” Beware, you are about to find out.

VICTORIAN MOURNER: (This role may be cast as male or female.) Death in the 19th century was often greeted by a spectacle of bizarre practices: from widows dressed head-to-toe in black mourning fashions for years, to collecting tears in glass vials, to even using the deceased’s hair to make decorations and jewelry. Victorian mourning practices by today’s standards were ghoulish (and utterly fascinating!) Guests visiting Legends & Lanterns’ Victorian mourning museum will encounter a recreated funeral parlor and be greeted by the Victorian Mourner, an eccentric and eerie individual in mourning wear, who will share the practices and traditions of the time. Visitors may leave, not entirely sure if the mourner themselves was a ghost! **This performer will spend their time indoors at the Victorian Mourning museum located within the historic KATY Depot**

HALLOWEEN HISTORY GUIDES: (Multiple roles available for males and females). Halloween History Guides portray fictitious turn-of-the-century ghosts from Main Street’s past. These quirky character types spend the majority of their festival days as tour guides, narrating horse-drawn hayrides up and down Main Street while sharing stories of the origins of Halloween traditions and supernatural stories of St. Charles history. **These performers should be comfortable giving a scripted spiel to visitors multiple times a day. These positions require long periods of time with straw/hay**

For your Halloween History Guide audition, look at the character “type” below, and use the details provided to creatively expand and add your own spin to the story as you do a one-minute performance as the character.

Showboat Performer (Halloween History Guide): This performer used to make their living tromping the boards on old Showboats that would travel up and down the Missouri River, starring in second-rate melodrama shows as the villain, ingenue, comedic relief…or anything else that was called for. While docked for a one-night only show in St. Charles, our thespian friend fell through the stage while performing a monologue and in true theatrical fashion broke a leg (and every other bone in their body). A very superstitious person, our ghoulish actor blames the misfortune on someone uttering the name of “the Scottish play.” They now haunt the historic district, everyday giving what they not-so-modestly call “the performance of their after-life” while doing hayride tours. While in a theatre, be sure to leave a “ghost light” on for them!




THE ANGRY VILLAGERS (Soprano and Bass) What’s a good monster story without the proverbial hoard of angry villagers? The true antagonists of Legends & Lanterns, armed with pitchforks, stakes, and cloves of garlic, this disgruntled (but musical) group of bumbling peasants have found their way to St. Charles to vanquish any supernatural visitors.

Puritan Angry Villager (Soprano): Looking as if she has stepped out of 1692 Salem, this severe and over-zealous witch hunter finds little joy in…well…anything (except for the ghoulish delight she finds in ridding the world of monsters!) The unofficial leader of this un-merry band of villagers, she will stop at nothing to accomplish her goal.

Western Train Conductor Angry Villager (Bass): He’s been workin’ on the railroad…and now it’s time to ride these ghosts and goblins out of town on a rail. While he’s not the sharpest tool in the shed, this curmudgeonly conductor is armed with a bucket of tar and feathers (and he’s not afraid to use them…even on unsuspecting festival guests!) His enchanted train lantern he carries, helps point the Angry Villagers to the location of supernatural visitors.  

THE GHOULING STONES (Soprano, Alto, Tenor, Bass) NEW FOR 2020. Move over Rolling Stones, there are some new “rock” stars in town…literally. Long ago in ancient Greece, these musical muses incurred the wrath of Medusa who turned them to stone. But don’t take them for granite…these living statues still retain their voices and this a cappella quartet has travelled to St. Charles with one concrete goal in mind: to create lasting memories for their new fanbase. Destined to become one of Legends & Lanterns’ “boulder” attractions. These quirky, comedic Grecian statues never miss the opportunity to make a rock/stone pun.

**A note on physicality: To reflect the fact that these are living STATUES, their movements should be stilted and rigid (think doing “the robot”) instead of being fluid.



St. Charles is known for its warm welcome, unique historical perspective, and beautiful sites—there’s so much to do you’ll need more than a day.

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