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During Legends & Lanterns you have the opportunity to interact with a Plethora of Playful Paranormal Poltergeists from parts unknown. These infamous witches, villains, and spirits from lore and legend have unleashed the magic of their enchanted lanterns in order to travel from regions beyond to bring you the eeriest entertainment anywhere from Tombstone to Transylvania!

Ghost Stories 

Join the Halloween History Guides at the First Missouri State Capitol in the Chauncey House for a spirited and interactive retelling of the "Legend of Sleepy Hollow". 




Hop aboard & enjoy a jaunt on an old-fashioned horse-drawn hay wagon. The Missouri River and historic architecture of Main Street set the scene as one of our Halloween History Guides provides a spooky overview of the traditions and folklore of this holiday that has been tricking and treating people for generations. You'll never look at Main Street quite the same way again...Hayrides are one way only and seating is limited.

Departure Locations:

  • 900 block of South Main
  • 100 Block of North Main


Straw Poll!

Take our "straw poll" in Scarecrow Glen. Located in Kister Park (400 block of South Main) you'll find that St. Charles has come down with a severe case of "hay fever". Explore and enjoy every corner of the park - populated with dozen's of cheerful straw figures.

Whether traditional or imaginative, whimsical or avant garde, the scarecrows you will see here have all come from the creative minds of merchants and organizations throughout St. Charles County. 

Be sure to find the ballot box for the chance to vote for our favorite in our very own "straw poll".


In Concert

Join our favorite musical mob, the Angry Villagers, on the steps of the Gazebo in Scarecrow Glen as they present a creepy chorale of spellbinding tunes for a toe tappin', hand clappin', good pitchfork required!


Mourning Exhibit

Have you ever wondered why we wear black to funerals? Or why our homes have "living" rooms? Find the answers to these questions and more when you journey to Frontier Park as the historic Katy Depot comes to "life" with MORBID CURIOSITY: Mourning Traditions of the Victorian Age.

Discover over 70 authentic artifacts that will illustrate how Victorians revolutionized the bereavement process and turned grief into an art form. From fashion and social etiquette, to the commercialization of the mourning routine and depiction in popular culture, explore what customs can still be recognized today, and which fads have "died out".


Plaza del Dia
de los Muertos

¡Bienvenidos amigos! Explore the vibrant and colorful traditions of the Mexican Day of the Dead at La Plaza del Dia de los Muertos. Learn about the rich heritage and customs of the holiday from La Catrina, the spirit of Dia de los Muertos. Decorate a sugar skull mask and get a festive Day of the Dead make-over from a face painting specialist.



St. Charles is known for its warm welcome, unique historical perspective, and beautiful sites—there’s so much to do you’ll need more than a day.

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