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Audition - Be Part of the Fun

Legends & Lanterns™: A “Spirited” Journey Through Halloween History
Heading into its sixth season, Legends & Lanterns™ brings to life some of the most iconic and infamous villains, witches, and phantoms from history and folklore. They have decided to make Main Street their new favorite “haunt”…but don’t worry, these silly apparitions have more treats to offer than tricks, and they look forward to entertaining “little monsters” of all ages. 

Role Requirements: Roles require an outgoing, creative personality, strong improvisation skills, and the ability to engage in character with thousands of guests of all ages. Legends & Lanterns™ is an all-weather festival that takes place entirely outdoors. Positions will require long periods of standing/walking in a variety of weather conditions.

Compensation: All positions start at the rate of $11.47 an hour for all rehearsals and performances.

What to Prepare for Your Video Audition:

For your video audition, film yourself doing a 1-minute performance as each character you are interested in, giving a taste of what it would be like to meet your character during Legends & Lanterns™. Present the character’s personality in a unique, engaging, and entertaining way. Show us what you would bring to the role. Be creative!

Once You’ve Filmed Your Audition:

Submit your videos to Festival Director Ryan Cooper at rcooper@discoverstcharles.com.
In the body of the email, please list ANY conflicts you have with the rehearsal/performance dates. A current resume may be attached, but is not required.

Submission Deadline: All video auditions must be emailed no later than Thursday, June 3 at 10pm CST.

Performance Dates: NOTE: Individuals auditioning for Legends & Lanterns™ MUST be available for the duration of ALL performance dates. 

  • October 9 (11am-6pm)
  • October 10 (12pm-5pm)
  • October 16 (11am-6pm)
  • October 17 (12pm-5pm)
  • October 22 (5pm-8pm)
  • October 23 (11am-8pm)
  • October 24 (12pm-5pm)

Special Event: October 29 (7pm-10pm) *Not all cast members will be needed on this date

Rehearsal Dates: July 25 (10am-1pm), August 22 (Time TBD), September 25 (12pm-2pm), October 2 (11am-2pm)


The Wicked Stepsisters (1 Role Available): NEW FOR 2021. The haughty and obnoxiously over-the-top step siblings in the classic fairy tale of Cinderella. But these aren’t your classic Disney villains! These sisters (Lucretia and Griselda) draw inspiration from their humorously dark depiction by the Brothers Grimm. Seeking highly physical, comedic performers.

The Weird Sisters (1 Role Available): “Double, double, toil and trouble. Fire burn and cauldron bubble.” These soothsaying Scottish witches foretold the rise and fall of King Macbeth in Shakespeare’s famous tragedy. Scottish accent.