The $63 million major rehabilitation will close the westbound bridge and detouring all traffic onto the eastbound bridge until Fall 2013.  Several activities will be happening over the next three weeks.

Important Dates:

Friday, Oct. 19 - half of the lanes the eastbound I-70 bridge close in the evening

Sunday, Oct. 21 - lanes reopen on eastbound bridge overnight

Friday, Oct. 26 - half of the lanes on westbound I-70 at Earth City and ramps at Earth City closed in the evening

Sunday, Oct. 28 - lanes reopen on westbound I-70 and at the Earth City ramps overnight

Friday, Nov. 2 - half of the lanes on both directions close in the evening

Sunday, Nov. 4 - All traffic is rerouted to eastbound bridge by this evening and the westbound bridge is closed.

Monday, Nov. 5 - First Monday morning rush hour with reduced I-70 lanes and slow speed limit.

Mid-Nov/Early Dec - three full closures of I-70 for bridge blasts. Both directions of I-70 closed for up to one hour. (dates/times to be determined)

Fall 2013 - Westbound Blanchette Bridge reopens. Traffic patterns return to normal.

In case of rainy weather, this work could be postponed to the next weekend, but it is our intention to go for Nov 2-4 weekend if at all possible.