Have you got cabin fever and are ready for a little fresh air?  This ice festival is the perfect family activity.  Over a dozen ice carvers fill two blocks of North Main Street in St. Charles, MO.  You can watch carvers bring the ephemeral art of ice carving to life with chainsaws, chisels, grinders, and knives, as well as hot irons and cold spray.  Each carver starts with a single block of ice weighing 260 lbs. and dissects it and reassembles it into wondrous sparkling creations.

There are two events.  The morning event is a team competition.  Two carvers have 2 1/2 hours to make huge sculptures using 5 blocks of ice.  This event starts at 9:00am and ends at 12:30pm.  At 12:30pm the carvers separate and carve a single block.  They have until 3:00pm to create their sculptures.

You and your family are needed to judge and vote for the best sculptures.  Ballots are picked up at the information booth in the center of the festival.  Adults and children vote for their favorite sculptures and the People Choice Awards are given out at 3:30pm.

There are outdoor fire pits, restaurants serving breakfast or lunch and shops to wander in to help you stay warm.  Plan to stay for a few hours so you can watch the sculptures develop from a block of ice.

Fun for every age and the event is free!