Viet Nam Veterans of the United Sates Marine Corps, 1st Tank Battalion, Bravo Company, 3rd Platoon, will gather at the Veterans of Foreign Wars Memorial, Post 2866, located at 66 VFW Lane, St. Charles MO., on Friday, May 16 for a group photo. The Marine Tankers are having their 4th reunion in ST. Charles, MO.

Cpl. Ronald Davidson, who organized the reunion said, "This will be the 4th time we have gotten together since 2009. That was the first time, and a very emotional time, since we had not seen or heard from each other since 1967, in Vietnam.  It will be a reunion for us and also an opportunity to pay our respects for those who served, are serving now, and our fallen brothers and sisters."  The Marine Tankers and their spouses, will be at the memorial from approximately 9 to 10 am, Friday.