Travel to 1840s London without ever leaving St. Charles, Missouri. A Christmas Carol Stroll is held every Wednesday from 6:00 PM to 8:30 PM during Saint Charles Christmas Traditions®. Over 30 characters make Historic Main Street their home and many of them are exclusive to just Wednesdays.


As you step out along the brick lined streets Historic Main Street, you’ll become immersed in the foggy streets of 1840s London. Listen for the peddlers in Berthold Square Park ringing bells to get passersby attention, bump into newsboys handing out the latest edition, and watch the lamplighter go from gas lamp to gas lamp to light up the street. It’s easy to forget that you’re in St. Charles, especially when there are Victorian carolers singing Christmas classics on the street corner. As you make your way throughout Main Street, you’ll bump into iconic A Christmas Carol characters as well as bonus characters.


A Christmas Carol Stroll 2023


Children’s faces light up when they meet the Nineteenth Century Toy Maker who shares his many toy inventions. “Now Bring Us a Figgy Pudding” … talk to a real Victorian Cook about popular holiday staples in the Victorian era. She might even confide in you that the figgy pudding that Tiny Tim and the rest of the Cratchit children love so much is actually from a bakery and not homemade! Don’t tell Tiny Tim that when you see him near the Old Millstream on the 900 block of South Main Street.


You may just bump into Charles Dickens and Queen Victoria. Talk to Dickens himself about his creation that remains popular over 175 years later. He’s near Missouri Artists on Main where Scrooge’s nephew reads a condensed version of A Christmas Carol to visitors. Enjoy the ambiance as he reads the classic tale while pacing the balcony. Benches are on the lawn for people to sit and listen.


A Christmas Carol Stroll Shirt 2023


Did you know that it was Queen Victoria who popularized the Christmas tree in both England and the United States? Her royal highness is in St. Charles at the Tourism Center to tell you all about it. She even has one of her famous Christmas trees with her to show you how she decorated. While you’re at the Tourism Center, purchase Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® merchandise including a Wednesday-only exclusive t-shirt. Each of the bonus characters has their own collectible cards that they give to people who visit them.


Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® A Christmas Carol Stroll has more than just bonus characters. The iconic story is broken down into six chapters that span South Main Street for visitors to see the story played out as they shop and dine. Start by meeting Bob Cratchit outside the Tourism Center as he begins chapter one: Scrooge and Marley’s Counting House. Make your way down the street to go through the rest of the chapters.


A Christmas Carol Stroll 2023


The Ghost of Christmas Past in chapter three holds a glowing orb that people can put their hand on to “see” their past. She teaches children the importance of looking to the past when they face challenges so that they can be successful. Beware of the Ghost of Christmas Present at chapter four near Bike Stop Café. While he may come across as scary, he means no harm. A Christmas Carol Stroll is the only place where you can meet happy, transformed Scrooge. At chapter six: God Bless Us Everyone, find a joyous Scrooge with Tiny Tim reminding everyone to get ready to spread Christmas cheer. It’s a heartwarming sight.


Each chapter has its own card. When you collect all six, you’ll have an abbreviated version of A Christmas Carol that can fit right in your pocket.


A Christmas Carol Stroll 2023


You’re likely to run into Mr. and Mrs. Fezziwig on your journey who will be delighted to see you. This cheerful couple loves to interact with guests and show off their “magic tricks” and play games with them.


But wait, there’s more! Don’t forget to get some hot wassail and fire-roasted chestnuts while you’re exploring. Also, keep an eye out for signs near each chapter stop for fun little-known facts about the story like the original proposed names for Tiny Tim or what iconic author, Mark Twain, thought of the story when he attended one of Dickens’ New York readings.


A Christmas Carol Stroll is a fun, interactive holiday activity to do on Wednesday nights this December. Transform to the past, where even people who aren’t familiar with the story will have a new appreciation and excitement about the holiday season after visiting.