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Meet the Legends!

They’ve sallied forth from Salem. They’ve beamed down from outer space. They’ve braved the treacherous waters of the Caribbean…and now they’ve invaded Main Street! During Legends & Lanterns the most notorious villains, witches, and phantoms have crawled out from their crypts and have decided to make St. Charles their new favorite “haunt.” These ne’er-do-wells have assembled during their favorite time of year in order to provide the most entertaining expEERIEnce of your life (of afterlife.) But don’t worry, these playful poltergeists have more treats to offer than tricks.

Swap recipes with the Gingerbread Witch and Mrs. Lovett. Learn the origins of your favorite Halloween traditions with the Druid Priest. Brainstorm story ideas with Edgar Allan Poe. Get hair care tips from Medusa and the Bearded Lady…an endless supply of macabre memories awaits you!

Meet them all during Legends & Lanterns®!


Located next to Daniel Boone between the 700-800 block of South Main
Botanical Rascals: A Study of Carnivorous & Poisonous Plants - Calling all green thumbs! Enter into the wicked world of gardening with this new educational exhibit centered around carnivorous & poisonous plants. Gaze upon an eclectic collection of bell jars and terrariums, each containing an assortment of sinister specimens (from Venus Fly Traps and Poison Hemlock to Mandrakes and a bizarre, man-eating plant from outer space named Audrey II) as you learn fascinating stories and histories of Mother Nature’s deadliest flora.


400 Block of South Main Street 
It seems that Main Street has come down with a severe case of “hay fever.” Stroll over to the 400 block of South Main where Kister Park has been transformed into Scarecrow Glen. Explore as every corner of the park is populated with dozens of cheerful straw figures.Whether traditional or imaginative, whimsical or avant garde, the scarecrows you see here have all come from the creative minds of merchants, organizations, and entities from throughout the Saint Charles area.


Historic KATY Depot in Frontier Park
Morbid Curiosity: Mourning Traditions of the Victorian Age - Have you ever wondered why we wear black to funerals? Or why our homes have “living” rooms? Or what the symbols and markings on old tombstones mean? Find the answers to these questions and more when you journey to Frontier Park as the historic Katy Depot comes to “life” with an interactive exhibit that utilizes over 60 authentic artifacts to illustrate how Victorians revolutionized the bereavement process and turned grief into an art form. From fashion and social etiquette, to the commercialization of the mourning routine and depictions in popular culture, explore what customs can still be recognized today, and which fads have “died out.”


Historic KATY Depot in Frontier Park
Tinseltown Terror: A Salute to the Golden Age of Monster Movies - It’s thrilling! It’s shocking! And it’s coming to a screen near you! Transport yourself back to the by-gone era of drive-in theatres as the historic Katy Depot in Frontier Park hosts Tinseltown Terror: A Salute to the Golden Age of Monster Movies. Relive the nostalgia with clips from your favorite horror classics and SciFi b-movies of the 1930s-1950s as these vintage monsters, mutants, and maniacs make their return to the big screen.


Stroll along the Halloween History Trail as the Missouri River and the quaint architecture of Main Street set the scene for your encounters with the Halloween History Guides (ghostly residents of Saint Charles’ past who are “dying” to share their stories with you). As you travel through each of the four Halloween History Trail stops, your guides will share a spooky (but fun) overview of the origins of some of your favorite All Hallow’s Eve customs (learn how the practice of carving Jack-o-lanterns and tradition of trick or treating got started) as well as some insightful anecdotes about sights of mischief, villainy, and the paranormal that have shaped the legacy of the historic district (learn where a large cemetery once stood or where witches met along Main Street as recently as the 1970s!)

Halloween History Trail Stops:

  • Stop #1: 900 block of South Main (near Schlafly’s Bankside Brewpub)
  • Stop #2: 600 block of South Main (near The Bike Stop Café)
  • Stop #3: 400 block of South Main (near the Gazebo)
  • Stop #4: 230 South Main at the Tourism Center



THE ANGRY VILLAGERS: What’s a good monster story without the proverbial hoard of angry villagers? It appears that a small, merry band of bumbling peasants have found their way to St. Charles to vanquish any supernatural visitors. Armed with pitchforks, stakes, and cloves of garlic, these villagers are not only angry but—musical?! That’s right! So, keep an eye out, they may have a special seasonal tune or two to share with you—in between their quest to rid Main Street of ghosts, of course.

THE GHOULING STONES: There are some new “rock” stars in town…literally. Long ago in ancient Greece, these musical muses incurred the wrath of Medusa who turned them to stone. But don’t take them for granite…these living statues still retain their voices and this a cappella quartet has travelled to St. Charles with one concrete goal in mind: to create lasting memories for their new fanbase. Destined to become one of Legends & Lanterns’ “boulder” attractions.

DR. SCHNABEL (THE PLAGUE DOCTOR): During the Bubonic Plague, medical physicians wearing long black coats (and their trademark “beaked” masks), travelled to sick towns and villages in an attempt to cure the citizens. These individuals were usually second-rate doctors (and in some cases weren’t doctors at all). Sometimes these roles were filled by mere shop owners (or in Legends & Lantern’s case, a musician). This wandering fiddle player believes that music is the best medicine, as he entertains guests with a variety of Halloween tunes, funeral dirges, and hoedown melodies.


Berthold Square (South Main Street and First Capitol Drive)
¡Bienvenidos amigos! Explore as the vibrant and colorful traditions of the Mexican Day of the Dead are celebrated at La Plaza del Dia de los Muertos. Enjoy learning about the rich heritage and customs of the holiday from the holiday’s skeletal grand dame, La Catrina. Walk along a path of larger-than-life calaveras (sugar skulls) and remember loved ones at the ofrenda (a memorial altar designed to commemorate departed relatives).


100 block of North Main Street (across from the Colonnade). Every hour, on the hour
Avast, ye scurvy scum! After terrorizing the open seas, Blackbeard, Captain Anne Bonny, and their mysterious Siren companion have set sail up the Missouri River and established a port along historic Main Street (from which they plan to plunder the treasures of Saint Charles!) However, these lawless pirates don’t always see eye to eye, and by their code, there’s only one way to settle disagreements…by the sword! Hoist yer Jolly Roger and cheer on your crew as these brawling buccaneers brandish their cutlasses in a daring swashbuckling clash. And with multiple endings, you’ll never quite know who will win!


Friday, October 28 & Saturday, October 29
Join the merchants of Main Street for an enchanting evening of shopping by pumpkin glow. Participating shops along Main Street will decorate their sidewalks and windows with Jack-O-Lanterns of all shapes and sizes and invite you in for a Fall Open House. Get a group together and stroll the sidewalks, take photos of your favorite creations, and discover something new at participating locations. From antiques and curiosities, to dog cookies and discounts, you’re sure to find just the right item. Get a jump start on your Holiday shopping during an enchanted weekend on Main Street.


Looking for a unique souvenir to commemorate your visit to Legends & Lanterns? Stop by the Visitors Center (230 South Main Street) for a wide array of festival apparel and keepsakes that will help you showcase your Legends & Lanterns pride in style, and help you keep the spirit of Halloween going all year long.


Meet Jekyll (the festival’s unofficial feline mascot). Jekyll likes to “hyde” throughout the historic district during Legends & Lanterns. A clue will be posted each festival day on the official Legends & Lanterns Facebook page, to help you locate the whereabouts of Jekyll’s “hyding” spot. Take a picture with our frightened feline and show it to one of the volunteers at the Visitors Center (230 South Main Street) in exchange for a small prize!

Don’t forget to share your photos on social media with #LegendsAndLanterns