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It's Time to Audition!

Legends & Lanterns®/Saint Charles Christmas Traditions®


The Greater Saint Charles Convention and Visitors Bureau seeks creative, diverse, and engaging storytellers to help bring history to life as interactive character performers during the annual Halloween and Christmas celebrations along historic Main Street.

Character Performer Auditions: By appointment Thursday, June 2nd, and Saturday, June 4th. Sign up for a 10-minute audition here:

Audition Location: Saint Charles Tourism Center (lower level) 230 South Main Street Saint Charles, MO 63301

Compensation: All positions start at a rate of $11.47 an hour for all rehearsals and performances.

Role Requirements:  An outgoing, creative personality, strong improvisation skills, and the ability to engage with thousands of guests of all ages in character. Both Legends & Lanterns® and Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® are all-weather festivals that take place entirely outdoors. Positions require long periods of standing/walking.


NOTE: This audition is only for character performers. We are not currently seeking any additional festival singers for the 2022 season at this time.

Legends & Lanterns®: A “Spirited” Journey Through Halloween History

Heading into its seventh season, Legends & Lanterns® brings to life some of the most iconic villains, witches, and ghouls from history and folklore. They have decided to make Main Street their new favorite “haunt”…but don’t worry, these silly apparitions have more treats to offer than tricks, and they look forward to providing the exp-EERIE-ence of your life (of afterlife).

Performance Dates: NOTE: Individuals auditioning for Legends & Lanterns® MUST be available for the duration of ALL performance dates

  • Saturdays, October 15, 22(11am-6pm), & 29 (11am-8pm)
  • Sundays, October 16, 23, & 30 (12pm-5pm)
  • Friday, October 28 (5pm-8pm)

Rehearsal Dates: July 20 (6pm-7:30pm), August 28 (TBD), September 14 (6:30pm-9pm), September 28 (6pm-8pm), October 8 (10am-12:30pm)

Saint Charles Christmas Traditions®

Welcome to the place where Christmas past comes to life! For 48 seasons, Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® has used a unique blend of history, storytelling, and fairytale whimsy to transport visitors back in time to a world of yuletide nostalgia and fantasy where reindeer fly, dapper carolers share a holiday tune, and international figures share the customs of their native cultures.

Performance Dates: NOTE: Individuals auditioning for Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® should make every effort to be available for the duration of ALL performance days. While some conflicts may be accommodated, availability will be a deciding factor when casting.

  • Opening Day (11/25): 12pm-8:30pm
  • Saturdays (11/26, 12/3, 12/10, 12/17): 12pm-8:30pm
  • Sundays (11/27, 12/4, 12/11, 12/18): 12pm-5pm
  • Wednesdays (11/30, 12/7, 12/14, 12/21): 6pm-8:30pm
  • Fridays (12/2, 12/9, 12/16, 12/23): 6pm-8:30pm
  • Christmas Eve (12/24): 11am-2pm

Rehearsal Dates: August 10 (6pm-7:30pm), August 28 (TBD), September 14 (6:30pm-9pm), November 5 (9am-12pm), November 19 (9am-12pm)

What to Prepare for Your Audition:

Look over the list of available character roles listed below.

For your audition, choose up to two (2) available characters for EACH festival you wish to be considered for (i.e. if you are auditioning for both Legends & Lanterns® AND Saint Charles Christmas Traditions®, you may present up to four characters). Prepare a 90-second performance for each role, giving a taste of what it would be like to interact with your character during the event. Present each of your chosen characters’ personalities in a unique, engaging, and entertaining way. Show us what you would bring to the role. Be creative!

What to Bring to the Audition: A full list of conflicts with the festival rehearsal/performance schedule. A current resume and headshot are encouraged, but not required.

Am I Required to Audition for Both Festivals?: No. Though this audition is casting performers for both Legends & Lanterns® and Saint Charles Christmas Traditions®, if you are only interested in being considered for one, you will note that preference at the end of the appointment sign-up process.


We look forward to seeing you at auditions! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to Festival Director Ryan Cooper at



Lizzie Borden: Did she or didn’t she? Acquitted of the infamous 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother in Fall River, Massachusetts, Lizzie never quite convinced history of her innocence. Though she was ostracized by her community, the sensationalized dramatics of the courtroom, led the spinster to become an overnight celebrity. While sharing her alibi, she just might even recite the infamous nursery rhyme about her “alleged” crime.

Martian Ambassadors: Inspired by the quirky alien characters in science fiction B-Movies of the 1950s, these inquisitive visitors from the Red Planet have beamed down from Outer Space to probe and observe the curious behaviors of Earthlings in order to bring back their findings (and perhaps a specimen or two) to their home planet. But fear not, these intergalactic delegates come in peace…or do they? Multiple roles available. Seeking physical, comedic performers who can portray the robot-like movements of these extraterrestrials.

Medusa: One of the most feared monsters in Greek mythology, this Gorgon was once a strikingly beautiful priestess who was cursed with a hideous transformation by a jealous goddess Athena. With a hairdo of writhing snakes and a gaze so abhorrent that it turns onlookers to stone, the mysterious Medusa now seeks revenge.

Wicked Stepsister: The haughty and obnoxiously over-the-top siblings in the classic fairy tale of Cinderella. But these aren't your classic Disney villains! These sisters draw inspiration from their humorously dark depiction by the Brothers Grimm. One role available. Seeking a highly physical, comedic performer.

Vlad “the Impaler” Tepes:  Bram Stoker’s real-life inspiration for Count Dracula, Vlad was a Transylvanian prince who was famed for his cruelty. His enemies gave him the nickname “Vlad the Impaler” and spread rumors that he drank blood. Now an embodiment of all of the classic vampire tropes, the undead Vlad stalks the streets of St. Charles seeking to regain his power. Eastern European accent.



Christkind: This traditional Christmas gift-bringer in Austria and Germany was popularized by Martin Luther in the 16th-17th century. The Christkind is depicted as an angelic young woman with blonde hair and delicate golden wings. She delights in sharing the history of many holiday traditions that originated in Germany (including Christmas trees, nutcrackers, and gingerbread). She is a main figure of traditional German Christmas markets (appropriately named Christkindlmarkts). German accent.  

Hoteiosho: NEW FOR 2022. A jolly god of good fortune, Hoteiosho is a gift-giving Santa-type figure in Japanese culture. This Buddhist monk, while full of good cheer, is said to have eyes in the back of his head (which encourages children to remain well-behaved all year long). While Christmas is more of a secular celebration in Japan, Hoteiosho is able to share the many unique cultural traditions that take place during the holiday season on the island nation.

Judah Maccabee: The hero of the story of Chanukah, Judah Maccabee led the Maccabean Revolt that is commemorated by Jewish families around the world every year during the Festival of Lights. Judah is able to recount how his story is remembered today through traditional foods (like latkes) and customs (such as the spinning of the dreidel or the lighting of the menorah).

Julenisse: This gnome-like mythological creature is the traditional Santa figure of Scandinavian folklore. Often accompanied by the Julbocken (Yule Goat), the pair can sometimes get into good-natured mischief as they travel from door-to-door bringing popular Nordic treats and gifts to the good children of Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Finland, and Iceland. Scandinavian accent.

Santa Lucia: In the 4th century, “St. Lucy” wore a candle-lit wreath on her head to free her arms to carry food and aid to those in need. This Saint of Light is celebrated in Sweden during their long, dark winters on December 13th, her feast day, when families participate in special traditions (such as the enjoyment of special saffron rolls called “Lucia Buns.” Swedish accent.

Sugarplum Fairy: The ruler of the Land of the Sweets, this majestic winged sprite is responsible for dancing in the heads of children, bringing forth sweet dreams on the night before Christmas. Immortalized in the iconic Nutcracker ballet, the Sugarplum Fairy acts as an ambassador for young Clara and her enchanted Nutcracker Prince. The Sugarplum Fairy is the embodiment of yuletide magic and fantasy.

Victorian Merchants (Chestnut Roasters/Flower Girls): May be portrayed by male or female-presenting actors. Capturing the by-gone era of Victorian street merchants who would sell their wares along the banks of the Thames River, these energetic and entertaining London street peddlers create witty slogans in order to sell their fine goods (including chestnuts, flowers, ornaments, festival t-shirts, and more). A cheerful, plucky blend of Eliza Doolittle and Bert the Chimney Sweep. Cockney accent. Multiple roles available. Seeking outgoing performers who would be comfortable selling merchandise.


Part Time Characters (Saint Charles Christmas Traditions®):

Mari Lwyd: PART TIME ROLE. May be portrayed by male or female-presenting actor. This cheerful, rhyme-spouting villager celebrates the ancient mid-winter folk traditions of South Wales by donning a festively decorated (faux) horse skull headdress and sharing stories of this quirky (non-scary) custom of parading door-to-door as the Mari Lwyd (pronounced “Maury Loyd”) while engaging passersby in song or rhyme battles in return for holiday goodies (think of it as old-English trick or treating!). English accent. **NOTE: This character will only perform on Friday evenings during the festival (excluding November 25)**