A Main Street Masterclass in Bread

Mr. Meowski Bread Dough

Good bread is hard to find. Fresh bread is even harder to find. Good fresh sourdough bread is almost impossible to find. Good fresh sourdough bread that can be purchased straight out of the oven or at a grocer near you, unheard of…but not if you’re in St. Charles!

Welcome to Mr. Meowski’s, where good fresh bread is easy to find.

Mr. Meowski's Bread

Located at 107 North Main Street is the home to delectable water, flour, and salt, (and sugar). You’ll find Mr. Meowski (aka Tim Nordmann) and his merry crew in the bakery Friday, Saturday, and Sunday from 7:00 am to 2:00 pm.

Croissants at Mr. Meowski's

Stop in to say “HI”, get a fresh cup of coffee, a loaf of Sourdough, a deliciously delicate Croissant (plain, chocolate filled, almond, did someone say ham and cheese?), or a grown-up Pop Tart, Sticky Bun, Danish, Cinnamon Bun, melt in your mouth Cronuts…you won’t be sorry you did.