Saint Charles, Missouri is lucky to be home to a host of incredible, locally-owned coffee shops. Here's a round-up of the best coffee shops in St. Charles, Missouri, along with a staff-recommended favorite drink from each one!


Bike Stop Cafe Outside


For the outdoorsy sweet tooth, sweet and cozy…

“White Rabbit” Latte with White Chocolate + Vanilla
Bike Stop Café | 701 S Riverside Drive


sucrose coffee and fruit pastry


For the book lover, classy and warming…

Latte with “a little Cinnamon & Vanilla”
Sucrose | 700 S 5th Street


Crooked Tree 2022


For the nut lovers, funky and aromatic…

“The Nut” Latte with a combination of nut syrups and caramel
Crooked Tree | 559 1st Capitol Drive


Picassos Coffee Date 2022


For the artist, soothing & sweet, but not too sweet…

“Van Gogh’s Milky Way” Mocha with caramel and vanilla, topped with whipped cream
Picasso’s Coffee House | 101 North Main Street & 1650 Beale Street, #155

Peace Love Coffee


For the die-hard chocolate lover…

“Cacao Latte” Crio Bru Cacao latte with oat milk and sugar free agave
Peace Love Coffee | 524 S Main Street


The Bridge 2022


For the laid-back candy lover…

“The Michaela Iced Twix Latte” Espresso with caramel and chocolate syrups.
The Bridge | 3257-1 Domain Street

Course Coffee Roasters 2022


For the coffee nerd, sweetened with the plant itself…

“Cascara Latte” A latte accented with the natural characteristics of the coffee cherry by using a syrup made from the sweet, dried cherries
Course Coffee Roasters | 1218 N 2nd Street


Upshot coffee 2022 square

For the academic, sweet yet complex…

“Blackberry Caramel Latte” Espresso with milk and Blackberry & Caramel Syrups
Upshot Coffee Brake Shop | 816 N Kingshighway St, St Charles, MO

Frontier Perk Cafe


For the on-the-go professional…

“Caramel Mocha Supreme” Chocolate & caramel Syrup, milk, whipped cream, sugar, espresso
Frontier Perk Café | 336 S Main St, St Charles, MO


La Belle Vie Coffee


For the health-conscious dreamer…

“Matcha Latte” Fresh & earthy, with notes of nutty sweetness and a vegetal freshness.
La Belle Vie | 1200 N 2nd St, St Charles, MO