One of nature’s greatest spectacles is appearing in the sky over Missouri this spring. On April 8th, a solar eclipse passes over North America and St. Charles is set to experience 98.3% total darkness. This is the last solar eclipse over the contiguous United States for the next 20 years, so grab eclipse glasses and find the perfect spot to watch this awe-inspiring phenomenon.


Solar Eclipse


Witness this event amongst the brick-lined streets and picturesque buildings of Saint Charles. Grab some lunch at a quaint local restaurant on Historic Main Street in preparation for the eclipse to begin at 12:42 PM. When the eclipse reaches its peak at 2 PM. the light outside will get darker and it will get eerily quiet as birds will think that it’s nighttime. The eclipse ends at 3:16 PM where life will return to normal accompanied by birds chirping again.


Solar Eclipse


Wearing specialized eye protection that is made for eclipse viewing, such as eclipse glasses, is crucial to safely watch the solar eclipse. Failure to do so will result in injury. If eclipse glasses aren’t an option, the eclipse can be safely viewed indirectly through a pinhole projector. This can be as simple as punching a hole into a piece of paper or using a household item with holes, such as a pasta colander or straw hat. Face away from the sun, hold the pinhole projector up, and let the sunlight pass through the opening. The image of the sun will be projected onto a nearby surface, gradually getting smaller as the moon moves between it and the earth. The First Missouri State Capitol Historic Site is selling eclipse glasses while supplies last. Check their Facebook here for stock updates.


Watch the eclipse in Historic Missouri Wine Country. "Solar Eclipse in the Vineyard" at Noboleis Vineyards is on April 8th from 11 AM to 5 PM. Tickets to this viewing party include one glass of wine and a pair of eclipse glasses. Enjoy live music as you watch this historic event. Purchase tickets here. On April 8th from 11 AM to 4 PM, Defiance Ridge Vineyards is also hosting a solar eclipse viewing party. Guests can enjoy a day of fun as they watch the eclipse from the vineyards. The first 100 attendees will receive free eclipse glasses and the kitchen and bar will be open all day. Click here for more information.


Main Street St. Charles


Forget about travel concerns on the day of the eclipse by booking a stay at one of the many great hotels and bed & breakfasts in St. Charles. After all, this is the only time in the next 20 years that an eclipse will occur here! Take advantage and explore all that the area offers and turn the trip into more than just an eclipse viewing experience. From beautifully restored historic buildings to a variety of local shops, museums, and the Katy Trail, discover why St. Charles is the best place to watch the eclipse.