2024 Visitors Magazine

The 2024 Discover Saint Charles Magazine has arrived!  The magazine features the people, places, and attractions that make Saint Charles unique.  Whether you’re interested in history, shopping, the arts, or gaming, there’s so much to do you’ll need more than a day. 

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Character Performer Roles:

For your audition, choose up to two (2) characters from EACH festival you are interested in being considered for and prepare a 90-second improvisational performance as each.

Mrs. Lovett and Sweeny Todd


  • MERLIN: NEW FOR 2024 One of the world’s most famous wizards, Merlin is most known for his role in the myth of King Arthur. Old and wise, he contains great supernatural powers. With prophetic visions, spells & incantations, he invites guests into a whimsical world of witchcraft and wizardry. This character will perform alongside Morgana Le Fay
  • MORGANA LE FAY: NEW FOR 2024 Fairy, enchantress, witch…this sorceress, who plays a key role in the legend of King Arthur is a magical antagonist who can be malicious, jealous, and cruel. She subversively works to take over Arthur’s throne through scheming and harmful magic. This character will perform alongside Merlin.
  • THE WONDERFUL WIZARD OF OZ: NEW FOR 2024 A con artist, huckster, and shyster from the flatlands of Kansas, this charlatan spent years in a travelling circus swindling money away from simple townsfolk (who believed him to be a fortune teller with the ability to see the future). When an unexpected storm blew his hot air balloon to a magical land over the rainbow, he used his talent of smoke-and-mirrors to fool the Ozians of Emerald City into thinking he was the “great and terrible Wizard of Oz.” This character will perform alongside the Wicked Witch of the East
  • WICKED WITCH OF THE EAST: Often overshadowed by her green-skinned sister, the Wicked Witch of the West, this evil spell-caster terrorizes Oz in her own right as the cruel Mayor of Munchkinland. Most recognizable for her striped stockings and silver slippers (as popularized in L. Frank Baum’s The Wonderful Wizard of Oz), this sorceress has a deep appreciation for poppies and winged primates (just keep her far away from any water). While on Main Street’s not-so yellow brick road, the Wicked Witch of the East will be keeping an eye out for any unexpected twisters (or farm girls from Kansas). This character will perform alongside the Wonderful Wizard of Oz.
  • LIZZIE BORDEN (1860-1927): Did she or didn't she? Acquitted for the 1892 axe murders of her father and stepmother, Lizzie never quite convinced history of her innocence. Now she's on Main Street, looking to "bury the hatchet," as she teaches festival guests all of the pointers for crafting the perfect alibi. If you're lucky, she might even recite the classic nursery rhyme that details her "alleged" crime. 
  • MARTIAN INVADERS: A quirky spoof on the alien characters of 1950s Sci-Fi B-Movies, these extraterrestrial visitors from the Red Planet have crash landed their flying saucer on Historic Main Street, and are now intrigued by the strange habits of the earthlings they encounter. They come in peace...or do they? Mars Attacks meets Galaxy Quest. Multiple roles available. Seeking performers who can bring a fun physicality and character voice to the characters.
  • MONSTER HUNTERS: Allies of the Angry Villagers, this league of international monster hunters (founded by famed vampire killer van Helsing) know all of the tips and tricks to ridding your neighborhood of werewolves, mummies, sea monsters, and every other supernatural visitor. They also happen to run an outpost with an eclectic array of Legends & Lanterns® festival souvenirs and mementos. Multiple roles available. Seeking outgoing performers who would be comfortable selling merchandise.
  • WEIRD SISTERS: “Double, double, toil and trouble!” This trio of witches from Shakespeare’s 1606 tragedy Macbeth, used their soothsaying abilities to tell the future (where they foretold of Macbeth’s bloody rise and fall as King of Scotland). During Legends & Lanterns® these sister crones invite guests to their “bewitchin’ kitchen” as they encourage all to “embrace the weird.” One role available. Scottish accent. 
  • GHOULING STONES (SINGING ROLE): Long ago in ancient Greece, these musical muses incurred the wrath of Medusa who turned them into stone. But don’t take them for “granite,” these living statues still retain their voices and are ready to “rock!” Multiple roles available.
  • WICKED STEPSISTERS: Vain and outrageous, these two selfish sisters know no bounds to the torment they thrust upon the stepsibling they mockingly call “Cinderella.” In an 1812 version of the story by the Brothers Grimm, the sisters darkly cut off their heels and toes to fit their feet into the enchanted slipper. Today, they wander around Main Street, desperately seeking an invitation to a royal ball (and keeping an eye out for any eligible princes.) One role available.  


Civil War Santa


  • BEIRA- THE QUEEN OF WINTER: NEW FOR 2024. Known also as the “Cailleach” meaning “old woman,” Beira is a goddess of ancient Scottish folklore. As the Queen of Winter, she makes her presence known as the first crisp autumn breezes envelope the highlands where she controls the cold weather, snows, and icy winds…in her hands she commands a great hammer (which she uses to turn green blades of grass into ice). As her reign over the dark half of the year comes to an end, she fights with her sister, Brigid (Celtic goddess of spring). This is commemorated on the 25th of March on Cailleach Day, where villages across Scotland hold mock battles. Scottish accent. 
  • VIEJO PASCUERO: NEW FOR 2024 Feliz Navidad! Translating to "Old Man Christmas," Viejo Pascuero is a jolly gift giver beloved by the children of Chile. Dressed like a traditional Chilean rancher, he travels in the company of his trusty llama (rather than reindeer) as he shares the unique holiday customs of South America (where the average Yuletide temperatures can reach a balmy 86 degrees!) Conversational Spanish a plus
  • CHESTNUT ROASTERS: Direct from the alleyways of old London, these plucky roasters delight audiences with their antics, and carnival-barker energy they bring as they demonstrate the fine art of preparing this popular Victorian street food live over an open fire. Cockney/English/Irish accent. Multiple roles available. 
  • MOUSE KING: One of the most odious antagonists of the holiday season, this rodent monarch causes great trouble for the denizens of the Land of the Sweets in the famous tale of The Nutcracker. Now, they have been transported to St. Charles, where they are locked in an epic battle between the Sugarplum Fairy and Nutcracker Prince to become the “big cheese” of Main Street. 
  • HOTEIOSHO: Merii Kurisumasu! The traditional gift-giver in Japan, Hoteiosho is a jovial Buddhist monk who delivers presents to good children from Hokkaido to Okinawa. According to legend, he has eyes in the back of his head (to encourage good behavior). He shares the unique customs of a Japanese Christmas (which is a secular celebration with more similarities to Valentine’s Day than western yuletide festivities).
  • FLOWER GIRLS: Hearkening back to the by-gone era of Victorian street merchants who sold their wares along the banks of the River Thames, these cheerful London peddlers create witty slogans in order to sell their blooms to Christmas Traditions® patrons. Cockney/English/Irish accent. Multiple roles available. Seeking outgoing performers who would be comfortable selling merchandise
  • SANTA LUCIA: The candle-lit wreath atop her head speaks to Santa Lucia’s role as the patron saint of light. She enjoys great popularity during the dark winter months in Scandinavia, particularly Sweden where she is celebrated every year on her feast day, December 13th, when young girls dress like her, and families bake special saffron rolls known as “Lucia Buns.” Swedish accent
  • FRONTIER SANTA: Representing the period when Saint Charles was the jumping off point of Lewis & Clark’s 1804 Corps of Discovery Expedition, Frontier Santa shares the simple customs that hard-working pioneer families observed during holidays in America’s untamed western territories.
  • CHRISTMAS CAROLERS (SINGING ROLE): From the classic holiday tunes of the Victorian era to the jazzy standards of the 1940s and 50s, the various caroling ensembles of Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® provide a musical timeline of treasured yuletide songs. Multiple roles available


  • TINY TIM: PART TIME ROLE. The son of Ebenezer Scrooge's long-suffering clerk, Bob Cratchit, Tiny Tim symbolizes the hope and charity of the Christmas spirit. Though illness and poverty are parts of his life, Tiny Tim never misses an opportunity to share joy and boisterously shout "God bless us, everyone!" English accent. This role will be performed Wednesdays (12/4, 12/11, 12/18) from 6pm-8:30pm during the "A Christmas Carol" stroll programming.
  • FATHER TIME: PART TIME ROLE. The personification of the passage of time, Father Time is often depicted alongside the cherubic Baby New Year to usher in a new beginning. Father Time is an expert of unique new year’s traditions from around the globe, and loves sharing interesting stories. And in honor of Christmas Traditions’® 50th anniversary, he will help guests commemorate the occasion by preparing a special time capsule. This role will perform Opening Day, Saturdays, and Sundays from 12pm-5pm, and Christmas Eve)
  • KALLIKANTZAROI: PART TIME ROLE. These impish Greek goblins reside at the center of the earth and rise to the surface during the 12 days of Christmas to play pranks and cause mischief. They are notoriously unintelligent and can’t count higher than three (hence, Grecians leave colanders on their doorsteps to ward off these trolls…who will spend all night trying to count the holes and never enter). This role will be performed Fridays (12/6, 12/13, 12/20) from 6pm-8:30pmand Sunday, 12/15 from 6pm-7:30pm