Christmas Traditions Naughty T-Shirt

Show your support for your favorite Christmas Traditions® Characters by wearing one of our custom T's.  If you're in St. Charles, stop by the Tourism Center to purchase or pick up in person - OR - purchase them on-line for yourself or as a surprise gift for a friend!

Gear Up for Christmas Traditions®

Katy Depot Scavenger Hunt

As you get ready to meet Santa Claus, see if you can find the following items as you explore the Depot!


Oh, Christmas Tree Exhibit

  • The little spider on the tinsel tree (HINT: this little critter is gold and crystal)

  • The German Christmas Pickle

  • A Festivus pole

The Reindeer Hall of Fame

  • Bust of the reindeer famous for the song “Purple Reindeer”

  • The Coach of the Reindeer Games Champions from 1989

  • A book titled Green Eggnog and Ham

North Pole Distribution Outpost #636

  • A miniature jar of coal

  • A blueprint for a bicycle

  • 7 Hiding Elves

Mail Room

  • A wanted poster

  • A partridge in a pear tree

  • A letter addressed to Santa from another Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® character


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