2023 Legends & Lanterns T-Shirt

The 2023 shirts are in! Show your support for your favorite Legend (or Legends) by wearing one of our custom T’s. If you’re in St. Charles, stop by the Tourism Center to purchase – OR – purchase them on-line for yourself or as a surprise gift for a friend!

Gear Up for Legends & Lanterns!

Katy Depot Scavenger Hunt

As you get ready to meet Santa Claus, see if you can find the following items as you explore the Depot!


Oh, Christmas Tree Exhibit

  • The little spider on the tinsel tree (HINT: this little critter is gold and crystal)

  • The German Christmas Pickle

  • A Festivus pole

The Reindeer Hall of Fame

  • Bust of the reindeer famous for the song “Purple Reindeer”

  • The Coach of the Reindeer Games Champions from 1989

  • A book titled Green Eggnog and Ham

North Pole Distribution Outpost #636

  • A miniature jar of coal

  • A blueprint for a bicycle

  • 7 Hiding Elves

Mail Room

  • A wanted poster

  • A partridge in a pear tree

  • A letter addressed to Santa from another Saint Charles Christmas Traditions® character


Provenance Soapworks Christmas