Legends & Lanterns:

A "Spirited" Journey Through Halloween History

Greetings curious visitors!

This Halloween, St. Charles will become a ghost town…literally! It appears that Historic Main Street has been invaded by a plethora of playful paranormal poltergeists from parts unknown. These notorious and infamous witches, villains, and spirits from lore and legend have unleashed the magic of their enchanted lanterns in order to travel from regions beyond to bring you the eeriest entertainment anywhere from Tombstone to Transylvania. But don’t worry, these friendly ghouls have more treats to offer than tricks, and they enjoy meeting “little monsters” of all ages.

Finding its inspiration from the past, Legends & Lanterns offers the vintage charm of Halloween in the 1910s-1930s, to the historical rituals and customs brought to the holiday by the Druids and Victorians, to the ethereal atmosphere depicted in American ghost stories and Brothers Grimm fairy tales. 

As you explore every mysterious nook and cranny of Main Street, you’ll unearth various activities that will bring to “life” the backstories and origins of this beloved holiday, All Hallow’s Eve. It’s a little bit silly. It’s a little bit macabre. But it’s all fun.

Pick Up your Legends & Lanterns Passport at the following locations:

  • Tourism Center (Merchandise & Information) 230 S. Main Street
  • Plaza del Dia de los Muertos (Berthold Square)
  • Scarecrow Glen (Kister Park)
  • Morbid Curiosity (Katy Depot in Frontier Park)
  •  Hayride Locations: 100 block of North Main and 900 block of South Main
  • Legends & Lanterns Ambassadors along Main Street


St. Charles is known for its warm welcome, unique historical perspective, and beautiful sites—there’s so much to do you’ll need more than a day.

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